The Importance of Staff Profiles For Your Business

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The Importance of Staff Profiles For Your Business


It’s a task that most employees dread – writing a personal profile to appear on your company’s website. People always resist or simply refuse the daunting task of summing up their entire personality in a few snappy sentences. However, staff profiles are beneficial to your website, there’s suddenly a face behind the name, and it becomes a ‘real’ company to the visitor, rather than just a website. Think about how annoying it is when you call your bank and you have to go through a bunch of recorded questions before you can talk to a real person. Having staff profiles adds a personal touch to your website and can assist in building and maintaining great relationships with your clients.


Staff profiles add credibility to a website, people are suspicious and with good reason to be, think of all the online scams and phishing schemes that you hear of. Adding staff profiles puts people’s mind at ease and is a simple but effective way to make your company stand out in the mind of prospective clients.


Employee profiles tell the story of each and every member of a company. They allow businesses to showcase a variety of skill sets and personalities. One of our main values at Lucidica is to become an integral part of our clients’ businesses so that we can ensure that we understand how they work – but we also want our clients to understand us too! Team profile pages are an extremely valuable addition to a company’s website where human contact is an important element of their industry. Adding this personal touch can make all the difference.



No chain of emails has the ability to bring about a true representation of an individual’s personality and when your main point of communication with someone is email or on the phone, it’s always nice to put a face to a name. When writing their profiles, employees need to keep in mind that not only are they showcasing their professional skills and attributes but also what makes them ‘tick’ personally as well. This allows clients to add faces to the names employees who they might never meet in person.


Staff profiles are also beneficial for new employees, keep in mind that people are nosey. People will want to see who they’ll be working with for the foreseeable future, figure out who they’ll want to have lunch with (or avoid…) and memorise everyone’s names in preparation for their first day. If like us, you have 3 Tom’s working within your company a quick check on a staff profile page will make sure that newbies don’t confuse Tom C with Tom N.


Most of all staff profiles bring about a sense of belonging for employees of a business. After all the company is using your face to sell itself. So don’t let your staff profile page become a boring list of names alongside lackluster headshots, showcase people’s personalities while also highlighting employee’s expertise. It is the people that makes your business successful – so show them off!

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